Without any other legal options, Robert lived in an Illinois state institution for two years before he was able to successfully advocate for his own transition to an apartment. Robert is thrilled to live with a roommate and have the choice to work, dine out, catch a movie, and use social media.

He is a strong self-advocate who is proud that he earned enough money at his piece work job to purchase his own computer, which he uses to pursue advocacy work, have fun and engage with others online. He’s happy to have choices and the free will to achieve things by living in the community. He enjoys being in the community and having the opportunity to do everything that he wants to do.

“I’m part of society and don’t have to be sheltered away,” Robert said. Robert has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair and is happy to have all the supports he needs to live. “I’m very happy that I’m living in the community with the supports that I need.”