Eddie spent more than 20 years in state institutions, from the time he was a teenager until he found a community option in 2011. After a difficult history, Eddie has found comfort in his community home.

“I go out to eat, I go out shopping, and to basketball games,” Eddie said. He also enjoys going to the movies, helping to cook and do the dishes. “It’s a good house to live in,” he said.

Eddie’s support staff helps him with whatever he needs in his home. “If Eddie wants to do something, we try to make that happen for him,” they said. “It’s about personal choice and trying to make an individual’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future to happen for them.”

Eddie is particularly excited to decorate his room in the way that he wants, especially his extensive hat collection. “He’s come a very long way and it’s been great working with him to see the growth in him. He gets to do a lot in the community that he enjoys and I think that in itself is a success,” said Eddie’s support person.

“My life has come true,” said Eddie.