nancybridget8light_yc02Born: Darien, IL
Current City: Darien, IL
Age: 28

Bridget’s Life In The Community
Bridget Brown is a successful young woman with Down Syndrome who inspires every person she meets with her liveliness, motivation, and confidence.
Bridget graduated from high school in 2005 and was the first person with Down Syndrome/disability to be included in her school district. She has her own consulting organization called Butterflies for Change and is a national public speaker and shares with others the resources she used to be successful in her community. She believes people with disabilities should not be separate and that everyone deserves equal freedoms and opportunities, and live close to family and friends.

Bridget is also a person-centered planning coach.  Person-centered planning is used in each transition process so individuals have control over where they choose to live, their services, and their support.  Bridget finds the person-centered planning process to be an important step in ensuring success and helps people with disabilities find their own voice by helping them set goals.

Bridget is also highly involved with the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities, Illinois Microboards, and is a Dental Health Educator at University Of Illinois Chicago Campus. Furthermore, she is one of 100 inspirational women for TCW (Today’s Chicago Women).

Community living offers people with disabilities the opportunities to thrive and live fulfilling lives. Bridget leads a productive and social life working and helping others achieve their dreams. Her favorite things to do outside of work are going to church, reading, acting, bunco, belonging to a book club, drawing, and writing.