Michelle’s Story

MichelleBorn: Indiana
Current City: Wood River, Illinois

Michelle’s Life in the Community

Michelle currently lives alone in an apartment in Wood River, Illinois and has lived there for almost 7 years.

Previously, Michelle lived in a group home in Indiana, however, did not enjoy living there because she felt her freedoms were limited. She didn’t like how if she wanted to go for a walk, everyone would have to agree to go for a walk; or if she wanted to go to the mall, everyone would have to agree to go to the mall. This is why Michelle thinks everyone should have the opportunity to live in the community because it gives people the freedoms and opportunities to do the things you want to do.

Michelle’s favorite things to do in the community include shopping, meeting with friends, and going out to eat. Her favorite food is lasagna and pizza and loves to cook with the assistance from her personal support workers. Michelle also loves to scrapbook and has multiple scrapbooks that she has created. She just recently visited Six Flags Fright Fest with her friends and had a blast riding the swing ride.

Michelle is actively involved in her community and is involved with The Network, a group advocating for community living, community supports, and disability rights and freedoms. She believes everyone should have the right to live alone and in a community of their choice.

“Community supports gives you the freedom to come and go and make more choices. And meet more people.” – Michelle S.