Jonathon’s Story

JonathonCurrent City: Evanston, IL Age: 30

Jonathon’s Life in the Community

Jonathon has lived for seven years in an Evanston apartment that he shares with a roommate. Jonathon graduated from Evanston Township High School and the National Louis PACE Program. Living in a dormitory at PACE was his first experience away from his parents’ home. He loves the independence of living on his own.

Jonathon likes showing guests around his apartment and talking about the things he does for himself. He was especially pleased and honored that his State Representative Robyn Gabel visited his apartment recently. Jonathon showed her his scrapbook of Boy Scout activities and described the ceremony when fifty people applauded him for becoming an Eagle Scout. Jonathon appreciates Representative Gabel’s support of community services for people with disabilities.

Those community services provide the proper supports for Jonathon to overcome challenges and succeed. His tutors help him in a few different areas; for example, money management, cooking and healthy eating. His specialties are chicken tacos and couscous salad.

Jonathon is ambitious and goal-oriented. A major accomplishment for him was starting his own document shredding business. He understands the concept of confidentiality and is expanding his work by seeking volunteer shredding opportunities for local non-profits.

Jonathon is a huge Cubs fan and uses his spare money from his shredding work to save for tickets.

To get around Evanston on his own, Jonathon uses public transportation. He also enjoys walking to various places, such as the YMCA to work out. Some of his favorite activities in the community are visiting the library, coffee house and used book stores. Jonathon’s activities also include yoga, going out to eat, bowling, and reading. He loves listening to music and quickly bonded with his roommate over a shared enjoyment of Raffi’s songs. Jonathon is a member of a travel club through which he learns about the culture and food of other countries.

Bonnie, Jonathon’s mother, said that she and his father are thrilled that Jonathon can enjoy a full life in the community with so much independence. The individual supports he receives from the Center for Independent Futures in Evanston have enabled him to identify what’s important to him and to meet his goals. Jonathon feels strongly that everyone should be able to live in the community with the proper supports.

“Jonathon’s father and I continue to be proud of him every day because of how much he continues to learn.”
-Bonnie, Jonathon’s mother