Going Home A Full Life in the Community

In Illinois we house over 1600 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in state institutions. That simply must end. In this short film, we set out to explore the issue and give a voice to those who are thankful they no longer live in facilities. Because no matter the challenges a person may face in life, everyone deserves a place to call home.

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Success Stories

We’ve started to close institutions here in Illinois, but not nearly enough. Thanks to these closures, thousands of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are finally beginning to enjoy the freedom of community living. After years of struggle, these are six stories of people who have found a way of life in their communities.

A Case for Closure

Case for Closure

There are many reasons to close state institutions besides the lives we improve because of it.

Institutions are extremely expensive for Illinois taxpayers, and many studies have been conducted on the impact closing them has on the people that move. Director of The Arc of Illinois Tony Paulauski, and Professor of Developmental Disabilities Tamar Heller discuss the evidence that demonstrates the positive effect closing state institutions has on people and families.

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If we want change, every voice needs to be heard. If you’re ready to get involved, contact your local representatives and tell them that you support the Going Home Coalition, and they should too. Tell them that everyone deserves to live a full life in the community, and it’s time to do something about it.

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